Ean Dawbarn

Original Sculpture & Print

'Retro-Futurist Animals'

'Original Sculpture by Ean Dawbarn'


'Hare 1'

mixed media

'Piglet 2 Colour'

mixed media

'2 Fruit Bats'

Mixed Media

'Fleeing Rabbit 5'

Dimensions - H 250 mm W 240 mm L 440 mm (including base)

Mixed Media

'Piglet 1'

mixed media

'Mink 2'

Mixed Media

'Rabbit 6'

Mixed Media

'Fleeing Rabbit 1'

Dimensions - L 410mm W 150mm H 220mm (including stand)

Mixed Media

'Common Marmoset 1'

'ready to leap'

Dimensions - L 340mm W 260mm H 560mm (including stand)

Mixed Media

Fruit Bat 1


Dimensions - L 310mm x W 260 mm H 225mm (including stand)

Mixed Media

Rattus 1

'searching for food'

Dimensions - L 255 mm W 175 mm H 405 mm (including stand)

Mixed Media

'Rabbit 2'

'straight run'

Dimensions - L 335 mm W 235 mm H 415 mm (including stand)

Mixed Media

'Rabbit 1'

'straight run'

Dimensions - L 335 mm W 235 mm H 435 mm (including stand)

Mixed Media

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Photography and artwork owned by Ean Dawbarn.

Reproduction and Copies require prior permission.

Ean Dawbarn copyright 2015-18